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Transmission and Auto Repair Testimonials

Hands Down, No Doubt About It..... THE BEST Automotive Repair Shop in Central Arkansas. For ANY & ALL of your vehicle maintenance and/or repairs, please give GARY HENRY and the guys at Mid-State Transmission and Automotive Repair, a call!!! They are WAY MORE than JUST a Transmission Repair Service. They can repair just about anything...... from installing a new battery, repairing brakes to even replacing your vehicle's door handles!!! I know because Gary and his guys have done all of this for me and an EXCELLENT job they did!!

Annette Maddox

Best service in Saline County

I have some old vehicles that always need work and I've tried nearly every shop in Saline county over the past few years. Without a doubt, I have found my person shop in Midstate Transmission. Don and Gary have been extremely fair and there hasn't been one instance where I've had to bring a vehicle back for something that they did wrong. It has always been done right and with in a timely manner. I came to Midstate after I had an encounter with Benton Transmission that angered me. I had a transmission go out on a 2wd 1998 GMC Sierra. Benton transmission quoted me nearly 2000$ for a rebuild. I could have bought a brand new 6 speed transmission from summit racing for that price. I told them I was going to try elsewhere and the guy at the front desk said "Don't go to Midstate! They'll break it off in you!" 

So that's exaclty where I went. I dropped the truck off with an estimante of less than half of Benton Transmission's price and when it was all said and done, it was even cheaper than that. I've been going to them ever since, and I couldn't be happier.

Slade L.

I have been used Gary Henry for my car service since before he was Mid States Transmission. The Service he has done in great. And the CARING is just as important as the service. He has done 95% of all my service on our Plymouth Van, Toyota Conv, Benz and BMW-Z4. He has gone out of his way to fix everything correctly. I just moved from AR beck to Colorado my home state and had our Van checked out before we made the 900 mile drive. I small part was found to not be working correctly all the time and was replaced. We made the trip with NO trouble. VAN had 300,000 miles on it and is running great. Toyota…350,000 miles running great… Thanks Gary and Mid States Transmission.


I was traveling thru Arkansas and my transmission went out. I started having problems with my 2002 Honda Accord LX in Memphis and stopped and was told it needed replaced. I kept driving thinking I could get closer to home. I was towed to this repair shop in Benton , Ar and was greeted by a very friendly young man Gary Henry owner. He told me after he checked my car out that it needed rebuild-ed and would take 3 days and the cost was cheaper with a better warranty than the people in Memphis had told me. That was a couple of months ago and my car still runs great. When I got home I had my regular mechanic to check it out and he told me I got a great job and at a good price. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone. I was treated very nicely .


I am from an Auto Care facility in Michigan. We had a customer who travelled out of state and had troubles with a failing part. I contacted Mid-State Transmission to see if they would be able to help our customer. I dealt with an incredibly helpful gentleman, who assured me that (even though they were very busy) he would get my customer in, taken care of, and out. This is exactly what occurred. Thank you so much for going out of your way in assisting us and our customer! Wonderful service!


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